Why the Relationship Between Loan Officer and Realtor is so Important

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Check out these telltale signs of a healthy loan officer-realtor working relationship!


To begin, when information is shared honestly and upfront, the process not only improves but it speaks volumes about the working relationship between the realtor and loan officer. It demonstrates respect and makes for a comfortable, more successful interaction.


Next, communication is essential for both parties to play their roles effectively. Frequent interaction is necessary throughout the entire process, and is especially helpful when there is a significant change in status.


Furthermore, both the realtor and the lender have their own jobs to do. The lender and the realtor play different roles in the home buying process; each person needs to do their part to keep the project moving forward.


Finally, remember that your lender and realtor should have the same goal in mind, which is to help you get into your dream home. There should never be a moment where a loan officer and realtor act as if they are competing against each other. They should be working together to get the buyer into the home of their dreams.

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